My first sci-fi book about Carbon Girl and Carbon Man novel is now out

Well, Carbon Girl and Carbon Man now have their first novel. It is called Space Anchor. It is available through all the usual amazon routes. I used CreateSpace print-on-demand for the paper version. The price is the lowest I was permitted.

Obviously it features a lot of carbon uses. The main character is Carbon Girl but Carbon Man gets in on the action a lot too.

Paperback version:


And the e-book version. Content in both is identical. Only the cover is different.

kindle cover

It is my first sc-fi novel, and I am pleased with it. It is based to some degree on my day job futurology and a lot of it is feasible, but of course some isn’t. It is set in 2092, and of course technology has to exist before you can use it. Some will be here decades before then, such as having large quantities of cheap graphene to play with, but some of the stuff like the space elevator, space anchor, Heisenberg Resonators, some speculative forms of carbon, and certainly their 600km tall home – well, they can’t be done much before that.

A lot of the tech is biomimetic, that is, its basic principles are based on how nature does things, and then some of the techniques are improved on. So the materials are often grown,self organisation is widely used, and even the AI development route follows quite a natural path.

The novel features some AI conflict and romance, some zombies, and some early space exploration, with a nod of recognition to some of the other issues that may arise from AI and trans-human development.

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